Dock Shelters
Loading Bay Dock Shelters & Seals

An MDS dock shelter is the solution for energy-saving oriented operators. The vehicle reverses into the dock shelter which seals it off giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process. Thus the MDS dock shelter provides improved working conditions and reduces the draught into the building. The MDS dock shelter programme comprises a number of models, meeting all customer demands and suitable for all vehicles.

Loading Dock Shelters

The loading dock shelters as seen on many applications throughout the world is a very cost effective way of sealing your loading area. Dock shelters can accommodate a wide range of varying sized trailers offering different frame structures to meet hygiene regulations.

Side cladding of your dock systems can be colour co-ordinated to your building or corporate colours. Down to ground models are available for loading without a dock leveller. A bottom curtain is available with this option.

Foam Dock Seals

The foam dock seal has been around for a long time and does a good job in certain applications ideally the trailers need to be fairly similar in size to create the best dock seal. Where trailers of differing heights need to be accommodated it is possible to add a head curtain or maybe an adjustable head pad.

Inflatable Dock Seals

There are many different designs of Inflatable dock shelters, we have tried to make ours as simple as possible. The frame that projects from the building is manufactured from 40mm thick insulated steel panels and can be coated in many standard colours to suit the individual requirement of the end user.

Once the trailer is positioned within the loading dock the side and head bags which are stored behind highly visible yellow curtains will inflate around the trailer to create the ultimate seal.

The door to the loading dock is then opened and you have created the best possible environment to carry out the loading and unloading of your trailers.

Inflatable dock shelters can be mounted at dock level height or can be installed at ground level for doors that are at low level.