Energy Saving Insulated Doors
Overhead Insulated Doors

Strong, versatile, secure and thermally very efficient, sectional doors
make an ideal door solution for most industrial and commercial buildings.
Solid double skinned steel through to almost completely fully glazed, sectional doors offer the solution nearly every time.

The MDS energy saving insulated sectional overhead door panels are constructed from 0.7mm or 0.5mm galvanised steel sheets bonded together with C.F.C free polyurethane foam with integral thermal breaks to provide a ‘U’ value of 0.45w/m2’C.

The combined effect of the panel insulation properties together with the
effect of the thermal bridges at the panel to panel joints results in an
overall ‘U’ value of 0.60 w/m2’C.

This exceeds building regulation requirements.

All panels are fitted with fully punched galvanised end caps.

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