Loading Bay Dock House
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As companies aim to become even more efficient in all their business operations, including the very important loading and unloading operation, the number of dock houses being used has increased at warehouses food manufacturing plants and distribution centres across the whole of Europe.

A dock house is a complete stand-alone insulated loading bay structure which can be installed directly on to the external face of a building. Once the dock seal, dock leveller or scissor lift and a sectional insulated overhead door are fitted they can fulfil any normal loading bay demands.

On new buildings, extensions and refurbishments, the building can be completed with no interference from the loading bay. These many factors are accounting for their ever increasing popularity - particularly in today's highly competitive 'belt-tightening' business environment.

Dock houses do not take up valuable internal warehouse/factory space and maintain the loading and unloading function within a separate and distinctly confined area. There is no cross traffic to interfere with the loading dock, which can reduced accidents thereby having a direct benefit to the site health and safety.

The installation of a dock house requires no major civil engineering work or building modifications, as there's no need to construct a pit in the floor. Dock Houses are quick and easy to erect, without disruption to inside warehouse/factory operations, they can be repositioned on site if required and are also a highly cost effective retrofit option for an existing building.

Their lightweight but exceptionally strong structure, provides an insulated, hygienic, weatherproof area - with resulting energy saving potential - making them ideal for ambient and temperature controlled buildings such as cold stores. The main structure of a dock house is manufactured from galvanised steel. The false dock is to be welded into position along the back edge to a steel profile within the existing concrete retaining wall.

Structure size of pod: 3650mm width x 4000mm high + Dock Height (800/1300mm adjustable height). The deck will be manufactured from mild steel checker plate (Durbar) and the structure will be clad in HPS 200 Plastisol Sheeting. The structure foresees an extra bottom room for the tail lift of a vehicle