Dock Bumpers
Loading Bay Services

A highly durable dock bumper with a unique construction and patented materials, giving superior performance to conventional rubber bumpers - more durable, low friction face, no exposed fixings. Prevents damage to the loading bay and to vehicles during reversing, loading and unloading.

Unique construction

The bumper comprises a replaceable front pad, rubber cushioning strips and steel back casing, of patented materials.

Extremely Robust

Very resistant to high impact and frictional forces. The low coefficient of friction of the pad reduces frictional
forces due to movement of a vehicle during loading/unloading, when the vehicle is parked in contact with
the buffers.

No exposed fixings

No fixings are exposed on the front face of the pad. The back plate is mounted directly on the dock face with minimum bolt projection covered by the front pad.


More durable material than rubber bumpers. The front pad is easily replaced if necessary.

Environmentally friendly

Completely recyclable


The dock bumper consists of an ultra high molecular polyethylene front pad, two rubber cushioning strips and a hot-dipped galvanised steel back casing and retainer. The cushioning strips spread impact forces over the entire dock bumper surface. The front pad can be black or yellow polyethylene or yellow nylon.