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Fire curtains have been designed to limit the spread of fire or smoke from one department to another, making them an essential safety feature in many commercial and industrial buildings. Our fire and smoke resistant curtains are suitable for small and large openings and are certified to 240 minutes integrity.

Whether you need to prevent against the spread of fire or smoke in an office, warehouse or food preparation environment, our fire and smoke curtains can be manufactured and installed to accommodate your requirements.

Our curtains are made from glass fibre fabric, which is coated on both sides with a flame retardant grey polyurethane rubber, and feature brackets and guides fabricated from mild steel.

Fire and Smoke Curtain Features

  • Suitable for large and small openings – typically no larger than 30000 mm wide by 10000 mm high
  • Certified to 240 minutes integrity
  • Assessed to BS 476 Part 22 and Smoke control BS 7346 Part 3
  • Audible/visual control panel – with two smoke heads for additional fire detection
  • Supplied with ‘BMS’ mono fault controller
  • Folded galvanised sheet steel hood

If you need to prevent the passage of fire or smoke throughout your industrial or commercial premises then fire 7 smoke curtains are the ideal solution. They are a cost effective way of safeguarding the people and property within your building and help to ensure that your property complies with the necessary fire safety regulations.

If you’d like to find out more about installing fire and smoke curtains in your premises, or which products would be most suitable, please call us for advice on 0870 444 6780.